Bobby Geary • My Story

At the age of nine, I was diagnosed with dyslexia and had to overcome extreme difficulties in spelling and reading comprehension. This disorder substantially decreased the speed at which I could learn in a classroom. To overcome this disability, it required a lot of extra tutoring, switching schools several times to find the best curriculum that worked for me. Through years of mastering alternative learning techniques along with the help of technology, I have been able to learn to live with dyslexia and succeed.

Next, I have a wonderful family and three incredible children, Alondra (24), RJ (9), and Sophia (6). You’ve probably noticed the massive age gap between my oldest child and my second child. I was also dealt another tricky hand (and a blessing) when my girlfriend and I conceived our daughter in 1998. I was only 19 years old, with no job, no financial help from my family, and I had yet to start college. From the day I knew I was to be a father; I quickly learned the importance of having a strong work ethic. I knew the only way to support my family at such a young age was to out-work everyone in the room no matter how long it took me. As a result of this work-ethic, I was able to earn my first financial job on Wall Street before starting my senior year of college. The job I accepted was to become an analyst at Credit Suisse First Boston, in their Real Estate Structured Finance group in New York City. This is a job my grade-school teachers never thought I would have. I was one of the few non-Ivy League graduates in my analyst class. Though learning to navigate Wall Street was difficult and the politics of New York banking were extremely intense, I still was able to succeed and became the top analyst in my class.

The Geary Family in Colorado

My 22-year career as a banker has taken me all over the world. I worked seven years in New York City, two years in London, one year in Dubai, one year in Frankfort, Germany and 11 years in Dallas, TX. At the young age of 33, I was made the head of Real Estate Finance and Securitization Central US division, in Dallas, TX, at Deutsche Bank. I managed a team of five underwriters and commercial real estate loan originators. I closed over $12 billion in commercial real estate loans, asset sales and loan sales on all commercial real estate property types throughout the world. I’ve financed properties such as the One and Only Palmilla hotel in Cabo San Lucas, the Seagram’s office building in Manhattan (375 Park Ave) as well as mobile homes parks, self-storage facilities and garden style multifamily projects across the globe.

I learned a lot on Wall Street and worked with many talented individuals, however, this all came to an abrupt halt in 2023 when our family moved out of Dallas and relocated to Colorado. Our family needed a change, which required drastic measures. Colorado has offered us the opportunity to start a new chapter and given me the chance to begin a career as an entrepreneur by owning, servicing and lending on residential real estate. Commercial real estate lending is a fascinating and extremely complex industry, but I get more personal satisfaction and fulfillment through hands-on property management, creating wealth for investors, and establishing long-term sustainable residential communities.

My company, Normandy Residential Services (NRS), has been around for a few years already. Our first project was originating a short-term rescue loan secured by 1,000 acres of land for a distressed borrower in Texas. Since then, our investors have participated in ground up multifamily deals to single family residential development as well as preparing raw land to be sold off to custom home builders. At first, NRS was a side job that always took a back seat to my day job (as a banker). Even though NRS was not my primary focus, our investors have reaped the benefits from investing in several successful and profitable residential projects over the years. It’s now my intent to build upon those early successes and elevate this company to the next level by growing our assets, improving asset management and expanding to different regions.

As of today, NRS has participated in $250 million of residential projects spanning over seven unique investments throughout Texas. Our long-term business plan is to grow our assets under management and expand our investor base. We will continue to focus on high growth markets and will invest in all asset classes of residential properties through both equity and debt offerings. I welcome all investors willing to partake in this journey with me and my team.

Together we will strive to make a difference in residential communities while improving property values.